Calculate maximum mortgage and monthly payments for house / residence

Are you looking for a new-build home or apartment? Of course you want to know how much you can borrow in order to make the right financial decision. Therefore, find out the finances well. You only buy a house or apartment a few times in your life. So don't be surprised and calculate your monthly costs in advance. At Amsterdam Woont you can see directly at the owner-occupied homes what your maximum mortgage is and calculate your monthly payments.

How much mortgage can I get? What will my monthly payments be?

You have found a new-build home through Amsterdam Woont. But can you afford to pay for that property? What is, in other words, your maximum mortgage? Rabobank, the financial partner of Amsterdam Woont, has a handy online tool to calculate your maximum mortgage and your monthly payments.

Financing of your home

This tool does not provide a complete picture of the financing of your home. But you do get a good first impression of your financial options. Do you want to elaborate on it? Then you can always talk to one of Rabobank's mortgage advisors.

Housing costs: take into account leasehold

What you have to take into account (especially in Amsterdam) are the additional costs resulting from the ground lease system. 80 percent of the homes in Amsterdam are on leasehold land. You pay a fee for using this land: a canon. You can pay this annually or redeem it in one go. It is important that Amsterdam has two ground lease systems: continuous ground lease and perpetual ground lease.

Different types of mortgages

Rabobank offers various types of mortgages. Such as the annuity mortgage, where you pay the same amount per month for the entire duration. Or the linear mortgage, whereby the monthly payments become lower over time. But you can also think of a green mortgage for the most sustainable and energy-efficient new-build homes. You also receive an attractive interest discount. Another possibility is a mortgage where your parents or grandparents contribute to the purchase of the house. And then there is also the savings mortgage: you save during the term of the mortgage to pay off the 'debt' in full at the end of the term. This results in monthly charges in the form of mortgage interest and premium. You receive interest on the premium. Hence the name savings mortgage.

Information about mortgage interest deduction, mortgage interest expectation

In the conversation with your mortgage adviser, the mortgage interest deduction will also be discussed. Thanks to the mortgage interest deduction, you can – under certain conditions – deduct the mortgage interest from your taxable income. As a result, you pay less income tax. With the deduction, the government wants to stimulate the purchase of a house. You can also ask your mortgage adviser about the expectations regarding the mortgage interest.

House and mortgage

A mortgage is meant to be able to buy a new-build home. But what exactly can you finance with it? In any case, the new-build house itself, but also any additional work. Think of a dormer window or extension. You can also co-finance part of the costs for the construction of your garden. Your mortgage adviser can tell you everything about it.

National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG)

If you take out a mortgage, be sure that it is a mortgage with NHG. NHG stands for 'National Mortgage Guarantee'. A mortgage with NHG is a mortgage that meets the standards for responsible lending. In addition, the NHG acts as a safety net for when you can no longer pay your mortgage costs.

Overvalued house

Do you already have a home and is there surplus value on it? Then you can use that surplus value to buy another (new-build) home. The more own money you put into your new home, the less you have to borrow. It is important to know what the surplus value is on your current home if you have a new home in mind. Especially in Amsterdam, where fast action is needed and the demand for housing is considerably higher than the supply .

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