The starlings

Client Ymere
Architect Stefanova Architects
City district West
Contractor DURA Vermeer
Project name The starlings
Address Wibor Island 1-72
number of residences 69
Photography Luuk Kramer

De Spreeuwen: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Award 2020

The De Spreeuwen building is located on a visible location at the head of the Wibor Island, the first island in the Houthaven. This location is very popular and there was a risk of prohibitive housing. However, Ymere has managed to keep rents affordable. The apartments are between 40m² and 104m² in size. With these homes, Ymere wants to create a mixed area, in which people with a modest income can also find a place to live, live and work. ” The social rental homes are a mix of one and two-layer apartments with two, three or four rooms. The outdoor areas are located on the outside of the block and overlook the water. The residents enjoy the view and their privacy and at the same time they live together and safely together at the court and the square. Piet Parra has made three works of art on a few prominent sightlines. At the tip of the roof, the apple rests from his flight from the flock of starlings (that's what warehouse workers were called) chasing him. The block is a dynamic all-sided and detached ensemble of different buildings and is in water on three sides. In the block, the maximum permitted residential program has been realized in a compact manner and has therefore been solved affordably. The project is called De Spreeuwen, after the boys who 'came flying in' from other neighborhoods in the 18th and 19th centuries to unload ships at the warehouses. Vote for this project!

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