News about new houses in the region.

What is happening in the area of new construction projects in Amsterdam? How many new apartments are still for sale in that one building? Where do these new-build single-family homes come again? Is the completion of this housing project soon? And when does the sale or lease of new homes for starters and studios start? The answers to these types of questions can be found on this page with new-build news from Amsterdam and the region. Here you can find the most current news about new construction projects in Amsterdam .

New construction projects, new construction locations and self-build plots in Amsterdam and the region

In addition to news about new construction projects in Amsterdam, you will also find news about larger new construction locations in Amsterdam. Such as the Amstelkwartier , the Houthaven , the Zeeburgereiland and various new hotspots in Amsterdam Noord . In addition, you can read the latest news about self-construction plots in Amsterdam. You can also find news about new homes in the Amsterdam region.

Interviews with new buyers, information about new construction and financial information

You can also read other articles about new buildings in Amsterdam here. Such as interviews with new buyers. Or informative stories about what to think about when you buy or rent a new house, but also financial information, for example about mortgage rules. Where possible, the articles are supplemented with videos and as many images as possible.


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